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'Evergleams On Eighth'

Downtown Manitowoc

November 17, 2017- January 7, 2018

Prepare to be ALUMINIZED! this holiday season when the Downtown Manitowoc Assoc. presents the annual 'Evergleams On Eighth' event.

More than 30 businesses will proudly display Evergleam and Mirro aluminum  trees that were manufactured right here in Manitowoc, WI., USA.

Mid-century Manitowoc was known as the 'Aluminum Capital of the World,' if only by the locals, most notably for cookware.

In 1959, a new product emerged. The 'space-aged' Aluminum Christmas tree was just what the modern family was looking for!

Aluminum Specialty Company, located in Manitowoc, became the market leader with their Evergleam brand, producing over 4 million trees in the next decade! 

Trees came in a range of sizes from 2 feet to 8 feet. The most common color was silver, but gold, green and an occasional pink are also available. Each year new variations were introduced, as were complimentary products, such as color wheels, rotating tree stands and shimmering star wall decor.

As the market demand increased, so did the competition, including another one right here in Manitowoc, Mirro! In all, over 40 other companies produced trees in all price ranges and qualities.

By the mid 1960's the Aluminum Tree had lost some of it's shine, as people decided to get back to basics and observe a less commercialized holiday.

Aluminum Trees were rarely considered 'collectible' until the book Season's Gleamings was published by two Manitowoc natives in 2004. This recent resurgence had now outlasted the original introductory phenomenon, with the prices of the shiny trees commanding 100's and even thousands of dollars.

In 2015, a native son who had been collecting for many years, worked with the Downtown Manitowoc Assoc. to present the first 'Evergleams On Eighth' that was very successful.

Now working with another native collector, they have amassed over 300 trees. Their trees are on display and we believe it just might be one of the largest collections in the world!

Featured will be many uniquely different trees and multiple accessories...all for your enjoyment!

'Evergleams As Art'

Rahr-West Art Museum

​November 17-26, 2017

Kick off the Holiday season with this 'Pop-up' show that will only be here for 10 days! Don't miss it!

Ornaments NOW AVAILABLE in many Downtown Locations...

All items are available at Heart & Homestead, 909 S. 8th or call 920-686-1121 to have yours shipped!


Don't miss any of the trees and learn a little history of the Evergleam Aluminum tree that started the whole craze in 1959 by jumping on our Trolley Tours, complete with tour guide AND some surprises along the way! Only one date left.. offering 2 Hop On/Hop Off Daytime trips at 11:00 or 1:30 OR 3 Twilight Tours at 4:00, 5:00 or 6:00. Click the link below for more details and charges. Limited seating, reserve today!

In 2004, local artists published Season's Gleamings, a book featuring the quirky history of the Aluminum Tree and professional photographs of the trees they had collected! The book resulted in national coverage of 'Tinsel Town.' We've obtained the remaining 'archived' copies and now offer to you, on the route or via eBay!


Trolley to the Trees

Last one!  Dec. 16

All proceeds benefit Downtown Manitowoc events!


New Book in 2017-The Small Town Story of a Big Idea! Everything you need to know about the Evergleam story & Trees from beginning to today!

Pick up a map at any location where you see an Aluminum Tree!


​If you're planning to stay overnight these hotels are offering a discount if you mention 'Evergleams On Eighth'

Baymont Inn & Suites, 101 Maritime Dr. - 920.682.7000

Econolodge, 908 Washington St.- 920.682.8271

Holiday Inn, 4601 Calumet Avenue - 920.682.6000

Sorry you missed it!