Aluminum Trees 8th St. Downtown Manitowoc, WI Tinsel Tree Walk Mirro 

In 2004, local artists published Season's Gleamings, a book featuring the quirky history of the Aluminum Tree and professional photographs of the trees they had collected! The book resulted in national coverage of 'Tinsel Town.' We've obtained the remaining 'archived' copies and now offer to you, on the route or via eBay!

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Pam and Steve lovingly set up the trees...look at all the 'sleeves' used to protect each branch                                - bottom of this picture > 

Local Media Coverage

Evergleams On Eighth ~ Manitowoc, WI

November 19th - January 3rd, 2016  Downtown Manitowoc

In 1959, Aluminum Specialty Company, in Manitowoc, WI, developed a 'space-aged' Christmas tree design that took over the country.

Not only did this company manufacture more than

1 million trees, another 40 aluminum companies, including Mirro, also located in Manitowoc, produced their own version of the tree, ranging from the fairly common 2' size to 4', 6' and the more rare 7' and even 8' tree in a variety of colors!

The most common color is silver, but occasionally gold, green, blue, and pink trees can be found on resale sites such as eBay. Prices vary according to rarity and condition, but a quick check will reveal few prices as low as the $100 range and some trees selling in the $1000's.

Most of the trees in this display are from the private collection of  a Manitowoc native who has always had an interest in the Aluminum Trees and the value of a solid downtown district. 

With these two goals in mind, the Manitowoc City Center Association proudly teamed with his enthusiastic goal to 'make the downtown shine' and presents to you, "Evergleams on Eighth" in your favorite storefronts, throughout the downtown!

The display is open for viewing until January 3, 2016 

There is no charge, but pick up a map at any participating member location, so you don't miss anything! 


BE ADVISED: Due to the vintage nature of the trees, some displays are NOT lighted, so it is best to enjoy during the daylight hours. Hospitality and Holiday Cheer will be available at any and all of the downtown merchants, so stop in to warm up and take a peek!