Evergleams On Eighth

Downtown Manitowoc, WI

60 years ago, Christmas 1959, American families celebrated with the first aluminum trees!

Introduced to the mass-market by Aluminum Specialty, a Manitowoc Company, it was a new innovation for the 'space-aged' family, who had just witnessed Sputnik and was becoming modern! 

We celebrate the introduction and the many different products produced by the local company this year!

In addition to more the 30 business windows boasting many different styles of trees,Manitowoc Public Library has become "Evergleam Central" with a forest of over 20 trees, including a very rare 10' Commercial Tree that was used by a local business during the peak of the Evergleam! There will also be a 'Photo in '59' area, complete with an Evergleam in a holliday living room. Photos in a commemorative 60th Anniversary folder will be available for a donation during the Grand Opening of the event, before and after the Lakeshore Holiday Parade on Wed. Nov. 27 and at other times during the season. 

Also new this season will be a celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the publication of Season's Gleamings

with a recreation of the gallery of trees in the Neo Post Now Gallery, 719 York St., by co-author John Shimon. Although not open, you'll be able to peek through the windows during the Trolley to the Trees (and possibly other days in mid-December!)

Be sure to print out the map below OR pick up a copy at any place where you see a tree!

​Which Day? What Time would you like to Reserve your seats?*

*Special thanks to The Chamber of Manitowoc County who is assisting the 'Evergleams On Eighth' committee with the reservation process for this event. This helps to keep the price reasonable for you!