Ladies Night Out - Downtown Manitowoc

Thusday, August 17, 2017

"This is how we Roll!"


It's time to get the gals together for a night of fun!

Pick up your Map and Stamp Card at any one of the 4 Trolley Stops:

   N. 10th & Buffalo

​S. 8th & Washington

N. 8th & Maritime

S. 8th & Franklin

Collect stickers from the participating businesses

(shown on left) to fill you LNO Stamp Card. When your card is full or you are finished for the evening, leave your card at the last business you are in.

Cards will be collected and winners will be drawn for a chance to win over $1000 in prizes.

The more stamps you acquire the more prize drawings you will be entered to WIN!

...AND don't forget the After Hours Party 8-10pm!

The Trolley will stop at some of your favorite stops, where you can continue to collect stickers after the stores have closed for the evening! 

Ladies Night out August 17, 2017 8.17.17 Downtown Manitowoc Summer LNO Trolley Stops this is how we roll

To print the LNO Stamp Card, print the numbered side and then re-insert with printed side up, top towards the printer and print the other side. It takes the top half of a whole sheet of paper.

If you'd like to print these LNO materials, please print 1 side, then insert that page, printed side up, bottom towards printer and print the other side!